Where Consumers, Compliance and Collaboration Matter

The Association of Credit Counseling Professionals is the credit counseling industry’s newest and fasted growing trade association. get out of debt checklistACCPros hopes to distinguish itself from other associations by placing an emphasis on ethics and compliance and focusing on best practices, quality service, education, training, and professional ethics.

ACCPros members counsel many hundreds of thousands of clients who are in financial hardship each year. As a group we are seeing more and more individuals facing financial ruin because of the loss of a job or reduction in income.

Member Agencies in the News

Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling d/b/a National Foundation for Debt Management
Mortgage Help for Laid Off Casino Employees
Consolidated Credit Counseling; Starting to Build a Credit History
Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp 
  Debt Management Credit Counseling Supporting Financial Literacy Education at Port Saint Lucie Centennial High School

Our Vision

“Our vision for the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals is to strengthen and elevate the Credit Counseling industry by sharing best practices and industry trends, and by presenting a unified front to Creditors, Regulators and Legislators that will benefit the industry and more importantly, the consumers we serve.”

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